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main_interests = History|      
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works = The Complete History and The Lions of the Forest and the knowledge about the Companions |
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influenced = Abul Fida Ismail Hamvi|          


Abu al-Hassan Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad, better known as Ali 'Izz al-Din Ibn al-Athir al-Jazari (1160 – 1233) was an Arab muslim historian born in Cizre, a town in present-day Şırnak province in south-eastern Turkey, from the Ibn Athir family. According to the 1911 Edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica, he was born in Turkey Jazirat Ibn Umar [1]. According to the Encyclopaedia of Islam.


He spent a scholarly life in Mosul, but often visited Baghdad. For a time he was with Saladin's army in Syria and later lived in Aleppo and Damascus. His chief work was a history of the world, al-Kamil fi at-Tarikh (The Complete History). He includes some information on the Rus' people in his chronology.


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