Hijra, as an Arabic word meaning migration (also romanised as hijrah, hejira and hegira) (cf. Hebrew הגירה hagirah for emigration) may refer to:

  • The Hijra (Islam) (هجرة) is the emigration of Muhammad and his followers to the city of Medina in 622 CE, marking the first year of the Islamic calendar, 1 AH (anno Hegirae).
  • Migration to Abyssinia, in 615 CE a number of Sahaba migrated to Ethiopia
  • Meccan boycott of Hashemites and Muhammad, the second migration due to the boycott in 617–619
  • Migration to Medina, the third and final emigration of Muhammad and his followers to the city of Medina in 622
  • Hijri year, marks the start of the Hijri year of the Islamic calendar

Hijra may also mean:

  • Hijra (South Asia), a "third gender" in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan

Hejira may refer to:

  • Hejira (album), a 1976 album by Joni Mitchell
    • Hejira (song), the fifth track on the album

Hegira may refer to:

  • Hegira (novel), a 1979 science fiction novel by Greg Bear

Hiigara may refer to:

  • Hiigara, the homeworld of the Kushan, who were forced into exile after losing a war with the Taaidan. The plot of the computer game Homeworld details the return of the Kushan exiles to Hiigara. The name means "our home" in ancient Kushan language.

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